Because Kim and Karen are group health insurance brokers providing employee benefit programs and services tailored to their clients’ needs.

  • develops and presents benefit proposals
  • offers on-call customer service
  • monitors marketplace and industry trends
  • educates clients and employees about the industry and benefit packages
  • develops, organizes, and hosts educational seminars for target markets

Brokers versus Captive Agents: What is the difference?
A Captive Agent works for one insurance company, offering only that company’s products. This reduces flexibility and ability to choose / select the most appropriate insurance vendor.

In contrast, a Broker works with multiple insurance companies and can market / analyze each to find the best fit possible for an employer group. What works for one company, may not work for another. It is essential to identify the needs of each employer group and exceed them.

With K2 as your brokers, be confident your fiduciary responsibilities are being met! We work for you and with you as a team!

With K2 as your brokers, be confident you have access to Kim and Karen 24 hours a day!

With K2 as your brokers, be confident your employees have a dedicated third party to assist them with claims and explanation of benefits questions.


Kim D. Fauser and Karen Gast

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